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Protect your files and application data against deletion, loss, corruption etc. Ideal for laptops, PCs and servers.

Our File Backup Client runs on multiple platforms which includes Windows, Mac and Linux. Not only can you securely backup your files, we also include free SQL and Exchange backup agents to protect your key servers.

Customise your retention policies per backup job, time to run and how often a day you would like a backup to run. With one account, you can backup multiple machines, making it easier to mange your backups. Daily large file backups made easy using block changes technology so you only backup the changes in a file, not the entire file. 

Backup Files, Exchange and databases Offsite
Fast and very secure
Schedule backup
Multiple Backup Sets
Restore from anywhere
Cross Platform support
Local backup support
Fully managed or non managed accounts
Easy to use
Lost contracts, legal docs, databases, orders, accounts and email could be costly and embarrassing.

What would you do if your server just failed?

Every I.T manager’s worst nightmare.

Could you have it back up and running again in minutes to the exact state as of 15 minutes ago?

If you have ever experienced a server crash you will understand the time and costs involved in setting up a replacement. The costs to consider are staff salaries whilst they cannot do any work, IT consultant and installation charges, Customer accessibility to order goods or services etc. The inconvenience and inability to continue trading is embarrassing and could be costly long term in customer confidence.

Hardware Independent Restore, Benefits

Meet recovery time objectives: If you suffered a serious fire, flood or even theft our solution will enable a full restore to any hardware or virtual system within a matter of minutes. With our Bare metal restore a server can be fully restored to any make and model of hardware.

Eliminate manual intervention: Our fully automated solution frees up IT staff for more pressing tasks.

Reduce administration overhead: By using our managed service we scan the backup reports and contact you in the event of a problem plus the fact that there are no tapes/media to manually remove or have taken off site thus dramatically reducing the administration, courier and storage costs.

Companies with large volumes of critical data (50GB +) have benefitted greatly from our hardware Independent Bare Metal restore in reducing management time and associated costs and as a vital part of their disaster recovery plan.

Hardware Independent Bare Metal restore is a must for your business if you estimate, in the event of any disaster, the cost of your system downtime would be high.

Backing up in the first place is important but being able to restore quickly is vital.

What is Hardware Independent Bare Metal restore

Bare-metal restore is a technique in the field of data recovery and restoration where the backed up data is available in a form which allows one to restore a computer system from "bare metal", i.e. without any requirements as to previously installed software or operating system. Typically, the back up includes the necessary operating system, applications and data to rebuild or restore the backed up system to an entirely different item of hardware.

One of the greatest challenges an IT manager faces is when a server crashes. How do you get that server up and running as quickly as possible and then restore data as quickly as possible? A typical manual system rebuild process can take 3 or 4 days and often substantially longer to “tweak”. While the system is down, no data can be restored until after the system volume is put back and that includes all the service packs, security updates, user policies, scripts, applications and so forth. During this time, users who rely on the system that is down do not have access to it! Imagine, your file/print server or email server crashing, and information not being available for 3 or 4 days think of the embarrassment and cost in both monetary terms and reputation you would suffer. Some solutions only offer a “like for like” hardware restore whereas with us you can use any physical or virtual environment to restore and run a server.

Hardware Independent Bare Metal Restore Explained

When you buy a brand new hard drive, it is completely blank. With no files or even an operating system installed, it is, put simply, “bare metal”. In disaster recovery, a bare metal restore is the process of reconfiguring a system from scratch after a major failure. The term “Bare Metal Restore” refers to the process of restoring to new hard drives, reinstalling the operating system and software applications and then, if possible, restoring data and settings.

Companies often need to restore full systems on to bare metal for immediate continuance of operations following hardware failure, system upgrades or a disaster. These are all examples of hard drive recovery situations that often end up with the same outcome: a blank hard drive that needs files restored in order to return to the state before the problem occurred. The Bare Metal Restore capability employed by us allows IT administrators to quickly recover lost, damaged or corrupted data in a streamlined manner to any bare metal system (at any location) without having to manually go through the entire installation process once again.

In general, Bare Metal Restore allows administrators to restore the complete system on new hardware – regardless of manufacturer – including local data, user profiles, registry/system state, service pack files and encrypted files.

Comparison of Data Restore Methods:

Manual Restores – restore times typically 3 – 4 days

Time consuming - everything must be done "by hand".

Operating systems are complex, with a mix of permanent and variable information.

Installation requires a broad range of skills, including network, database, operating system and application software expertise and this does not come cheaply.

Depends on data management techniques that are unreliable and often out-of-date.

Bare Metal Restores – restore times typically 2 – 3 hours

Highly automated - insert a bootable CD, initiate Bare Metal Restore, wait a short time.

Reduce complexity and costs for IT administrators.

Restore the complete system on new hardware, regardless of manufacturer.

Can restore in a virtual environment.

Restores include data, user profiles, registry/system state, service pack files and encrypted files.

You will see that the restore process using Bare Metal is quicker, more accurate, more efficient and, ultimately, LESS costly.

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