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What does all this stuff mean????

Desktop PC Bases & Laptops

Purchasing a refurbished desktop base unit is a great way of saving money over purchasing a brand new system. As the name suggests it is a personal computer that is small enough to fit on or under a desk, where the processor, hard drive and other components will reside.

All of our refurbished computers and laptops undertake a detailed and thorough reconditioning process. We run extensive hardware diagnostic tests to ensure all the components are fully functional. Hard drives are securely wiped to the highest levels. (American DOD Standards) and any components showing signs of wear or stress are replaced.
All our systems are pre-installed with a Linux based Operating System, or if you prefer we can supply Windows at very competitive pricing, and an office software package (Word, Excel etc compatible).

Some computers/laptops may have slight marks and scratches on their cases but these will be cosmetic only. We pride ourselves on only selling the highest quality refurbished products.

Complete Systems + TFT Screen

As above but also come with a flat screen monitor and a keyboard and mouse.

Memory (RAM) 

Not to be confused with your hard drive, memory is measured in Megabytes (MB) and Gigabytes (GB). Adding more memory is usually the easiest way of improving performance on a computer without changing the processor.

Processor (CPU)

A computers processor, or Central Processing Unit (CPU), is its brain. Faster processors offer better performance ??? vital if you use your PC a lot, especially for gaming or video editing. Some processors are dual core, or even quad core,  which basically means that the computer has two, four or even more CPUs. They can take turns working with data, so enabling your desktop to run more efficiently. Intel???s Hyperthreading (HT) technology allows processors to work on two threads of data at once.

Hard drive

Your computer???s operating system and all your files and documents are stored on the hard drive, also known as hard disk. You only need a 20GB to 40GB hard drive for storing an ample amount of music, documents and and digital photos, but for high-resolution images, large video files or your entire music collection you???ll need at least 80GB+

There are also SSD drives. These drives ae solid state, i.e. no moving parts. The advantage of these drives over normal drives is that they can access data much faster and as there are no moving parts your laptop battery will last longer as well.

USB ??? Universal Serial Bus

A fast and comprehensive way of connecting USB peripherals like digital cameras and external hard drives.

Optical drives 

Optical drives are the tray drives in the front or side of a computer, similar to those found on your stereo or DVD player. Optical drives allow you to load and install software and write (or "burn") data to a disc. Optical drives come in many formats:

CD-ROM - only reads CDs

CD-RW ??? Burn and read CDs

DVD-ROM - reads CDs and DVDs

DVD-CDRW Combo Drive ??? Burn and read CDs ??? read DVDs

DVD RW - Burn and read CDs and DVDs

Look our for LightScribe units too. These allow you to burn a design into the upper side of a compatible disc that you've burnt data or video too to make it look more professional.

Internet Access

All of our computers and laptops come internet ready and allow you to connect your broadband router/hub directly to the Ethernet port using a network Ethernet cable.

Wireless networking/Internet Access/WIFI

A wireless network enables you to share a broadband Internet connection around your home or office.  What's more, it's all done without cables. Wireless is also referred to as WiFi and can also be setup to share files and printers between computers.

All our laptops are WiFi enabled and you can choose to have a wireless card installed into most of our desktop PCs if you wish.


Flat screen, or TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) displays have all but replaced older CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) displays. The biggest advantage is that flat screens look more attractive, save space and energy.

Operating systems

An operating system is what allows you to use applications and generally access all of the information you have on your computer. By far the most popular operating system is Microsoft Windows. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher we can supply brand new Windows licences for use with our refurbished PC's at a much reduced cost. Please see our prices on the product pages.

Security & Safety

It's vital that you take steps to ensure your computer is protected from viruses and other attacks from the Internet. Every computer comes with the Windows standard firewall and we recommend you use an anti-virus package along side it. You can download a variety of free anti-virus packages off the internet. However these are very basic and for complete security we recommend an all in package that includes Anti-virus protection, Spyware, and email Spam protection. We are proud to be partnered with Kaspersky, one of the leading PC security vendors in the world. Their packages can also be added as an upgrade to all our systems and is something we highly recommend.

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